Our Services

Our service is, in all instances, individually tailored to your needs. Harmonised with this, there is a process driven working environment which ensures a uniformity of approach across all our advisers.

Step 1: The Meeting

We will meet with you either face to face or by phone, whichever you prefer, to explain Automatic Enrolment and its resulting obligations on you as the employer. During this time we will take the opportunity to become familiar with you, your company and your employees, to provide you with the relevant advice and establish a suitable scheme, which will meet legislation.

Should you wish to employ our services, we will then begin the process of implementing a workplace pension scheme that satisfies Automatic Enrolment rules. For this process, we offer a number of different levels of service. Please find a brief overview of our offerings and refer to our Corporate Client Proposition for further information and package cost examples.

Step 2: Full Automatic Enrolment Readiness Report

Each level of service we provide requires a Full Automatic Enrolment Readiness Report. The report will identify and explain your obligations under the legislation and then present our research for the most suitable scheme and provider. Should you employ our services for one of the packages below (‘Streamline’, ‘Standard’ ‘Standard 10+’) the cost of the report will be absorbed by the package tariff.

Step 3: The Implementation (Select the Service Level of Your Choice)

The ‘Streamline’ Service

Following your Full Automatic Enrolment Readiness Report, your account manager will then in coordination with you via an internet and telephone service, set up your Group Workplace Pension Scheme and supervise the implementation, up to and including your Staging Date.

The ‘Standard’ Service

This package includes the features of the ‘Streamline’ Service and the additional feature of face to face meetings to ensure the smooth implementation of the Group Workplace Pension Scheme. This service is highly recommended for those employers that manage their own payroll, are not familiar with Automatic Enrolment, have a small window for implementation before their Staging Date (less than 3 months) or would value additional support.

The ‘Standard 10+ employees’ Service

Suitable for employers with larger teams of 10 employees or more. The package offers all the benefits of the ‘Standard’ Service including internet and telephone services, face to face meetings and the implementation of a suitable Work Place Pension Scheme.

Step 4: Annual Review Service

As an option, we offer an ‘Annual Scheme Review’. This is an annual review of the provider and scheme to ensure they are performing in a satisfactory manner and still meet your obligations under legislation. We will provide a bespoke report written for you, detailing the key information you need to be aware of and to ensure the scheme is functioning correctly. This is a highly recommended service as it is anticipated the area of Automatic Enrolment and Work Place Pensions will evolve greatly over the coming years.